16.10.2017 — MP3 version of Nowhere is available for free.
7 years ago the first (and I still hope not the last) album has been released. There're lots of mp3 copies throught the internet, so I decided to upload it oficially. If you're really interested in this album and want to buy the CD, you can contact me. I still have many copies. So, here you are: mp3@320, cd-rip.
As for my plans for the future... I've finally started learning how to play piano :) So my dreams of the second Lethe album become more realistic. Let's say, visit this web-page in a year.
17.09.2010 — New album is out!
New album «Nowhere» containing 9 tracks is out!

1. Nowhere
2. Water
3. Dead City
4. Time
5. Reflections
6. Pripyat
7. Dreams
8. Rain

You can buy album at A5 Production

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17.09.2010 — Site was created
I've created this site. =)
Designed for real browsers (Firefox, Chrome, Opera). Internet Explorer is piece of shit and must die. Закопать.